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Staff List

Mrs C Hurst – Headteacher and National Leader of Education

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Hurst – Headteacher and National Leader of Education

Miss S Devi – Deputy Headteacher

Mr B Payne – Assistant Head Teacher (Maternity) KS1 Leader and Science Leader

Miss S Edwards  – Assistant Head Teacher (Maternity) KS2 Leader and French Leader


School Business Manager /PA to the HeadTeacher
Mrs Nicola Burton

Middle Leadership Team

Mrs L Randall – Maths Leader

Mrs H Kay – English Leader

Miss L Allmark – EYFS and PE Leader

Miss L Watts – Phonics, Music  and KS1 SATs Leader

Early Years Foundation Stage:

Saplings class teacher (F1): Mrs P Smith
Larch class teacher (F2): Mrs S Fletcher / Miss K Wrate
Walnut class teacher (F2): Miss L Allmark

Early Years Teaching Assistants:

Ms K Shaw

Miss K Evans

Miss R Wharton

Miss C Lewis

Mrs J Webster

Key Stage One:

Juniper Class Teacher (Year 1): Miss Z Johnson/ Art Leader
Willow Class Teacher (Year 1): Mr B Payne/SLT
Beech Class Teacher (Year 2): Miss L Gibbons/History Geography Leader
Chestnut Class Teacher (Year 2): Miss L Watts/MLT

Key Stage Two:

Oak Class Teacher (Year 3): Mr H Phillips/Computing Leader
Sycamore Class Teacher (Year 3): Miss M Brockie/NQT (Maternity)
Rowan Class Teacher (Year 4): Miss S Munroe/ NQT (Maternity)
Hazel Class teacher (Year 4/5): Mrs C Quigg/ Miss S Devi (DHT)
Alder Class teacher (Year 5): Miss R Cartwright/RE Leader
Birch Class teacher (Year 6): Mrs L Randall /MLT
Elm Class teacher (Year 6): Miss S Edwards / SLT

Intervention Teacher:

Mrs H Kay

Key Stage One and Two Teaching Assistants:

Miss L Newbury
Mrs J Crawford
Mr A Fletcher
Mrs H Gee
Mr D Grabowski
Mrs R Akbar-Zia
Mrs Williams
Mr M Ransford
Mrs K Lever
Miss C Cosway
Mrs S Webster

P.E Teacher:

Mr E Roulstone

Office Staff:

Mrs S Hill
Mrs S Lang

Site Manger:

Mr J Cassidy