Our School Values


1. To provide an environment where all members of our school community are happy, enjoy school and achieve, are safe, make healthy choices and make a positive contribution to school life.

Our school is our place, where everyone is happy, safe, healthy, and succeeds and really joins in with school life.

2. To provide the very best education for all of our children where each child’s ability is developed through a creative, exciting, enjoyable, skills-based and challenging curriculum.

Our learning is fun and exciting. Every day is different with something new to look forward to.

3. To develop children’s natural curiosity and help them to be excited and inspired by their learning whilst growing in confidence and independence.

Our teachers like us to be curious and give us exciting challenges and the freedom to discover new things which keeps us eager to learn more.

4. To build children’s self-esteem in an environment of high expectations where effort is recognised and achievement is valued.

We believe in ourselves and know we can do well. We know that our hard work will make someone happy and help us to be proud of ourselves.

5. To actively celebrate the many, varied achievements and talents of all of our children and to contribute to the development of their future economic wellbeing.

We know our best efforts will put a smile on someone’s face and we also know that our discoveries will help us to have a great future.

6. To prioritise equality in all of our relationships in order to create a secure and safe learning environment celebrating the diversity of any religious, ethnic, cultural or socio-economic differences

At our school, we will be respected no matter what differences we have and we will treat others the way we would like to be treated.

7. To ensure that high expectations of effort and best behaviour are promoted through positive experiences for all pupil groups.

Everyone encourages and helps us to behave well and make every day a great day.

8. To develop the skills for our children to become considerate and capable members of a variety of local and Global Communities whilst embracing and celebrating opportunities to develop links and create partnerships within the cultural diversity of our world.

As we grow up we will be ready to travel the world virtually or actually. Our school wants us to be brave and curious and to enjoy new experiences and meet new friends. We will respect how our new friends live and enjoy new experiences with them.

9. To work in partnership with parents, carers and the community to raise achievement and support social, moral, spiritual  and cultural development whilst prioritising mutual respect in line with our R.E.S.P.E.C.T charter.

Our school wants to enjoy activities with our families, friends, other local schools and to experience our Clifton community spirit. Together we can help each other to do well and make good choices about the things we believe in and things we do in the place we live and go to school.