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I’m Miss Watts and I teach Chestnut Class in Year 2. In Chestnut Class we love learning new things and know that “We can do anything if we try!”

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Block 1 & 2 – Autumn

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This is the poem Year 2 are learning in Block 1:

Magic of Forest

Nature around me, leaves rustling in the wind,

Dewy green grass in mornings, under my steps,

To breathe deeply the fresh, pure air of forest I enjoy,

I listen the twitter of birds that I so much adore,

I love to walk along rivers,

Blossomed flowers to smell and admire,

I adore the forest, the marvellous trees,

I want to leave there forever,

Till the end of my days.

Christina Teador

Challenge day:

For our French and BSL Day, Year 2 learnt some French greetings; bonjour, au reviour and merci. Firstly, we took the register in French and then we practiced all of the greetings through conversation with our partners and with our teachers. We also shared any other French words we knew and tried to use them in conversation too! Next we learnt the numbers 0-10 in French number games such as bingo, a read and role dice game and completed a French colour by number. In the afternoon we learnt some British Sign Language. Again we learnt some greetings like hello, goodbye, please and thank you and we then learnt how to finger spell our names! We’ve had such a fun day!

The Lady with the Lamp

Florence Nightingale was the best

Nurse there had ever been.

But she did so much more than just

Keep one hospital clean.

She wrote great books about nursing

And opened up a school.

She made it seem like being a nurse

Was really really cool!

Nowadays all of us can thank

The lady with the lamp

That hospitals are clean and fresh

And not dirty and damp.

Nowadays we think cleanliness

Seems like just common sense

But it would have all been different

Were it not for Florence.

Paul Perro