Curriculum Champions

Our Curriculum Champions work alongside Mrs Randall and Miss Edwards to help co-ordinate and promote aspects of the curriculum. Our pupil group work hard to ensure that every subject is exciting, empowering and valued throughout our school. They work together to support their peers, celebrate success, discuss action plans, share views and coordinate our challenge days.

We led a Curriculum Champions assembly where we shared our highlights of the curriculum.

We shared our memories of experiences and opportunities that made us feel happy, develop friendships, be inspired, make discoveries and be successful!

Here are some of the Curriculum Champions highlights:

We love visiting new places and having expert visitors!

Y5 – The National Space Centre

Y3 – Loughborough Market

In Y3 we had the opportunity to experience being a Roman for a day and had a expert visitor who had great knowledge about The Romans. We explored a range of sources to find out how they lived.

We are currently conducting a curriculum questionnaire to find out what the children in our school enjoy about the curriculum and their ideas for making our curriculum even better.

Here is our current plan of action:

  1. All children to complete the curriculum questionnaire.
  2. Curriculum Champions collate responses
  3. Curriculum Champions analyse pupil feedback
  4. Curriculum Champions use the feedback to choose and plan a project.
  5. Curriculum Champions report the outcomes of the questionnaire and project action plan to the whole school.
  6. Children will be updated on our progress and how they can support.