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On Monday 25th of April, Year 2 had a special visit from Tom from Partake History and were transported back in time to 1666 – the year of The Great Fire of London. During the drama workshop, we had the chance to be actors for the morning and played the parts of Thomas Farriner, King Charles II and the town’s people. We acted out all the events from The Great Fire of London and were very excited to share with Tom everything we had learnt about the fire in our history lessons. We also used our five senses to think about what it would have been like to witness the fire. Later on, we used this experience to help us generate powerful vocabulary, which we are looking forward to using in our descriptive poems later this week. 

Mrs Husbands 

On Tuesday 15th of March, we were treated to some fantastic performances by The University of Nottingham’s Clarinet ensemble and Double Reeds ensemble.  The assembly was organised and led by members of Assembly Action group who selected the ensembles in January before inviting them into school to perform. During the assembly, the ensembles performed a range of music including ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’ from Frozen and ‘The Great Escape March’. We also got to see and listen to different wind instruments, and we learnt about the range of pitches each instrument can play. One of the highlights of the assembly was when we all became conductors and helped the clarinets stay in time. 

Thank you to the University of Nottingham’s Blowsoc for providing such an inspirational assembly for us. We definitely created some awesome memories

Mrs Husbands and Assembly Action Group


The children of Glapton created a 2021 Time Capsule to bury under the foundations of our new building joining the two sides of the school and therefore making history and creating memories for the children to tell their future grandchildren! 

This is what is in there: 

  • A laminated photo of each class – with name of class, teacher, support staff and year group written on the back.   
  • A laminated note to the ‘finder’ from the class detailing  
  • Name of class 
  • Age range  
  • Teacher/ Support Staff 
  • Copy of weekly timetable 
  • Favourite lessons and why  
  • Current interests  
  • Wishes for future generations

KS1 children included some of the children’s favourite things to do in school and at home/ around Clifton and every KS2 class included some current news.   

  • Year 6  talked about the royalty and government 
  • Year 5  talked about COVID-19, positives and negatives e.g. Sir Captain Tom, having more family time, clapping for the NHS as well as closures and restrictions. 
  • Year 4 talked about the EUROS 2020 
  • Year 3 talked about Online learning  

There was also a message from Mrs Hurst, a current map of Clifton, the school prospectus, photos from around the school, face coverings and a newspaper.  

School council buried the capsule this January with help from Mr Hind our site foreman. 

I wonder if it will ever be found. What do you think? 

A plaque will be placed in our new corridor to show where it was placed. 

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

The Build Team

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Dig the Hole

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

The Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Burying it in

Yesterday, we were treated to a very special assembly with gymnast, Sam Oldham!

Sam spoke to us about his incredible experiences and the inspirational journey he took which led to him becoming the remarkable Olympic medallist he is today. As well as showing us his Olympic bronze medal, and the Olympic torch he carried at London 2012, we were also treated to a live demonstration which blew us all away! All of the children (and staff!) were left feeling truly inspired and in complete awe of Sam’s tremendous achievements and commitment to gymnastics.

Take a look at some photographs from the session…

The Pod

Exciting News!

We received our new recycling drop boxes on Friday from ‘The Pod’.
Our Eco Team would like your help!

One of our boxes if for ‘broken plastic toys’ – If you are having a clear out over half term then please put aside any broken plastic toys and bring them into school on your return.

Our other box is a ‘Tech Take Back Box’ This is for old tech that you don’t use anymore but still works.
Laptops – Consoles – Phones – Tablets etc.
..Remove device pins/locks.
..Remove accounts on the device.
..Remove data cards and sims.
..Factory reset the device.

All of your items will then be recycled and the school will receive some new books depending on how much we collect.

Conkers Trip

On Tuesday 12th October, Year 2 went on an adventure to Conkers Discovery Centre to develop our science and geography knowledge. We were all very excited!  Whilst at Conkers, we made our own simple food chains and learnt about and identified omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. We then applied this knowledge by making our own mud monsters. We also practised using maps to spot key landmarks; this helped us navigate around the woodland and find clues. We worked well as a team during this activity as it was quite tricky. We also got the opportunity to travel on a train and play in the amazing adventure playground. Here are a few pictures of what we got up to. 

Mrs Husbands and Miss Gibbons

Sports Day

The Glapton Academy hosted an exciting sports day filled with opportunities to win medals and celebrate success. Children cheered for their friends and siblings as they raced to win a gold, silver or bronze medal.
This was a fun and competitive event which motivated everyone to challenge themselves. Children enjoyed taking part and demonstrating their sporting talent. We are proud of the achievements made by the children at The Glapton Academy.

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Competition Winner!

We are so pleased to announce that a poem Sienna from Hazel Class wrote for the Young Writers’ Peculiar Pets competition has been chosen for publication in a poetry anthology.

This is the 29th year that Young Writers have run this competition and they received over 10,000 entries so we are extremely proud that her poem has been chosen. Well done Sienna!

My Peculiar Cat

I have a cat

She is a peculiar cat

She dances on shelves

And swings on trees

She has glitter skin

And rainbow knees

Her fur smells like

Bubblegum sweets

She is sassy but classy

And she walks like a queen

She is the most peculiar cat

You have ever seen!

I am sure will agree that it is a fantastic poem.

Helen Kay

English Lead

A Big Thank You!

Some of our children would like to say a huge “Thank you” to The National Literacy Trust for the amazing book boxes they received just before Christmas.

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Click Here to view our poppy work
Please click the rainbow to see all of our rainbows!

Please click here to see the latest advice regarding the Coronavirus from the DFE.

Challenge Day – Wednesday 23rd September

Today was the first challenge day of the new school year – Celebrating Languages.

The European Day of Languages is celebrated annually across Europe on the 26th September but as this falls on a Saturday this year, we celebrated a few days early.  It is a day to celebrate all the different languages spoken in Europe.

Everyone started their day by talking about European Day of Languages and discussing with each other why it is celebrated, who celebrates it and the benefits of being able to speak an additional language.

Each class then had a whole morning dedicated to learning French! From Nursery to Y2 and Y3 to Y6, all children had a jam packed morning of learning greetings, asking each other questions in French, counting from 0 -20, identifying colours around the room as well as translating paragraphs written in French to name a few!

Take a look at some of the photos from the morning. More photos can be found on each class page!

In the afternoon everyone learned British Sign Language. The whole school learned how to fingerspell the alphabet, their names and even some of their own pets names!

Did you know?

  • Fingerspelling is a method of spelling words using hand movements. The fingerspelling alphabet is used in sign language to spell out names of people and places for which there is not a sign.
  • BSL uses a two-handed alphabet however some other sign languages, such as American Sign Language (ASL), use a one-handed alphabet.

Take a look at some of the children in action:

See you if you and your child can work out the two words below:

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day 2020

All about National Poetry Day

Year 6 Poetry

Inspired by the poem “The Magic Box” by Kit Wright, the Year 6 bubbles have written some amazing poetry. Drawing on their experiences of lockdown and the things that they have missed, they used fantastic figurative language to articulate what they might find in a magic box or behind a magic door. I am sure everyone agree, we have future poets in the making!

Black Lives Matter

The increased prevalence of the Black Lives Matter movement in the media will likely have been noticed by many children, whether they spotted the headlines on the news or parents and carers have spoken to them about the injustices experiences by black people on a daily basis. Many children have questions about the images, stories and conversations they hear on the news and around them.

The childcare platform Yoopies UK has created a free guide to help parents and carers talk to children about the Black Lives Matter movement. This free, downloadable guide is easy to use and can help start important but challenging conversations with children of all ages. It includes resources, help and advice as well as links to further online resources and book recommendations for children and adults. The guide also highlights podcasts, films, and more to help parents and carers to continue having these important conversations. Click on the link below to access this free guide:

Bananas About Books!

Teachers and children have had great fun recreating the book cover of some of their favourite books! Why don’t you have a go at home?

British Values

Our value for this half term is tolerance. As a school we regard this as a fundamental British value; something that we want our pupils to be aware of and demonstrate across school and in their life outside of school. During Monday’s assembly, the school reviewed the meaning of the word. Our pupils linked tolerance with fairness and respect and this was linked to examples of where people have or have not been tolerant. During the assembly it was agreed that tolerance is about treating people fairly regardless of where they live, their religion, the colour of their skin or the beliefs they have. By treating people fairly and with respect regardless of these features, our school and community will become more tolerant of others.

During the assembly we linked tolerance to kindness; the quality of being generous, friendly and considerate. Even if we do not get on with someone in class, we can still be kind. Even if we are not playing with someone at playtime, we can still ask them to join us.

  • Speak to a grandparent or relative and ask if they are okay
  • Tell a joke to someone to cheer them up
  • Leave money/change in a charity box if your adult approves
  • Clean the dishes after a meal
  • Pick up litter in Clifton with your adult’s permission or supervision
  • Say ‘thank you’ to someone who has helped you
  • Leave a nice message on a sticky note for someone
  • Help somebody to be able to do something
  • Donate a book, clothes or food to charity with your adult’s permission
  • Make or bake something for someone with your adult’s permission
  • Put together a goodie bag and give it to your post-delivery person, a police officer, the fire station or another important member of society if your adult approves.

World Book Day 2020

Glapton Academy had an amazing day on World Book Day. Everyone came to school dressed in their pyjamas (including all of the staff). The theme this year was Share a Million Stories and throughout the day, all of the teachers, including Mrs Hurst, went round every class in their key stage to share one of their favourite stories with the children. Titles ranged from The Book with No Pictures to Tales of India and The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Lessmore.

In the afternoon, each class opened their doors to their Book Cafes where only books were on the menu. It was absolutely fantastic to see so many parents, carers and family members sharing stories with the children. We will definitely be doing this again very soon!

World Book Day 2020

A Poet Visits Glapton

Key Stage 2 had a fantastic day on Monday 13th January 2020 when the poet Andy Tooze visited The Glapton Academy.
The day started with an assembly where Andy Tooze introduced himself and performed a range of his poetry which the children loved! Inspired by his talent and enthusiasm, the children then created their own outstanding poems covering a diverse range of topics which included Hopes and Fears and Animals. The children were invited to share their masterpieces with the rest of the group and then to the whole of Key Stage 2 in a celebration assembly at the end of the day. Each group also got to perform one of Andy Tooze’s poems during the assembly.
Teachers and children were equally inspired and, hopefully, a future generation of poets has been created!

Elections for Pupil Groups have taken place and the votes have been counted! Before I let you know the results, let me tell you how this process has taken place. It has been slightly different this year due to certain restrictions, however it has still been an exciting process for everyone involved.

Pupil Groups Voting System Flow Chart

Stage 1

Class teachers to play videos or presentations from each group leader to demonstrate what each group stands for and what being a member of each group consists of.

Stage 2

All children in each class to tick which group they would like to be a member of. Children can choose to be a member of every group if they choose.

Stage 3

Children to then vote for their top 4 members for each group from those who have nominated themselves.

Stage 4

Children are to then have a ballot paper and vote for one member for each group.

Stage 5

Hand ballot papers to Pupil Groups Leader to collate results. 12 children will then go forward to the last stage of the process. This will be sent out to all classes.

Stage 6

Children will then vote for 1 nominee for each group. They write their chosen nominee on a whiteboard for each group for their teacher to count the votes.

Stage 7

Pupil Groups Leader to then collate results and announce the members for each group.

Here is a summary of what each group stands for and what will be taking place in each group for this year:

Schools Sports Organising Crew (SSOC)  

  • Work with teachers and fellow pupils to organise intra-school competitions and school sport opportunities.
  • Organise a survey to find out what young people think of sport in our school.
  • Reporting back to pupils at the end of the year on what improvements have been or are going to be made.

Eco Warriors

  • Improve recycling across the school.
  • Work on projects to raise the profile of recycling in school.
  • Support assemblies.
  • Create an environmentally friendly biodiversity area (wild flowers, bug hotels, raised planting beds etc.).

SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group)

  • Work with teachers and fellow pupils to promote healthy eating and nutrition across the school.
  • Deliver assemblies on healthy eating.
  • Organise a survey about dietary preferences and potential healthy changes to school menus.

Boys’ Library Group

  • Helping set up the new library.
  • Making sure that the new library is attractive and interesting.
  • Being excellent role models; keeping the libraries tidy and helping children use them properly.
  • Promoting reading for boys and girls by making sure we have lots of interesting things to read and look at.

Assembly Action Group

  • Work with fellow pupils to find out what interests pupils in school. 
  • Work with teachers and fellow pupils to plan assemblies based around the interests of pupils in school. 
  • Help to deliver assemblies (virtually for now) once every half-term to the whole school. These assemblies could even involve special visitors!  

School Council

  • Learn how to be leaders and work well as a team.
  • Deliver any news from these meetings via our notice board and class representatives.
  • Use strong listening skills to listen to the worries of other children and also any great ideas for the school.
  • Use their helpful and positive role model attitudes when helping around the school and working in regular events.
  • Develop questionnaires to find out how other children feel about school events. 

Curriculum Champions

  • Classroom environments across the school.  –What makes a welcoming, purposeful classroom?
  • Our School Values – What are they? How are they decided? How do we use them?
  • Support teachers and children to ensure our curriculum is exciting and that everyone can access it.

I have been very pleased with the enthusiasm of all the children in the school when taking part in this process and would like to congratulate those children who now represent our school in our Pupil Groups. The groups are as follows: