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Newsletter 2024

End of Term Newsletter – December 2023

The Leading Parent Partnership Award

Santa at Glapton

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Children’s Commissioner – The Big Ambition

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Festive Jumper

Odds Socks Day 2023

Useful Information for Parents and Carers 2023/2024

Welcome Back Newsletter – September 2023

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Summer Newsletter 2023

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Attendance Guidance for Parents 2022 – F2 to Y6

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Arrival and Dismissal Policy 2021

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EMSD Uniform Discount Code & Price List– Newsletter attachment

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HT Letter – 5.07.2021

Y6 Letter – 23.06.2021

June Newsletter – 15.06.2021

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Spring Newsletter – 12.5.2021

Internet Legends

Keeping Well this Spring – City Care Leaflet

Breakfast Club Registration

Breakfast Club Launch

Y6 Bubble

End of Term Newsletter – 01.04.2021

Online Safety at Home

Covid-19 Guide for Parents – March 2021

Red Nose Day – Friday 19th March

Return to School reminders Letter – 05.03.2021 – As seen on Class Dojo

Parent/Carer Guide to Reopening on March 8th 2021

FAQs – Returning to School March 8th 2021

HT Newsletter – 19.02.2021 – As seen on Class Dojo

COVID-19 Contact Tracing- February Half-Term

National Storytelling Week

Parents/Carers Evening

School Pack Collections

Free School Meals Voucher Information – January 2021

Mobile Data Increase Request -14.01.2021

Remote Learning Provision – January 2021

New keyworker Provision – January 2021

HT Newsletter – 04.01.2021

HT Newsletter – 03.01.2021

End of Term HT Newsletter – 17.12.2020

Clifton Library Letter

Clifton Parish Christmas Activities

Letter to Parents – Positive Case for Affected Bubble – 10.12.2020

Letter to Parents – Positive Case for Bubbles Not Affected – 10.12.2020

New Inset Day on 18.12.20 – End of Term Contact Tracing Information

HT Newsletter – December 2020

HT Newsletter – November 2020

HT Newsletter – October 2020

Public Health England – Letter to parents

School Correspondence Letter – 14.9.2020

Parents and Carers Evening – Autumn-2020

16 Day Book letter – 14.09.2020

The Glapton Academy Arrival/Dismissal Policy – September-2020 (incl COVID updates)

Diary Dates – Autumn 2020

Important Information about School Gates

School Gates Diagram

Autumn 1 Newsletter – 8th September


Class Dojo letter – 3rd September

Start of term letter – 1st September

Return to School DFE Leaflet for Parents

Childrens Guide to Returning to School – Autumn Term 2020

Nottingham City Catering Special Diet Form

Parents Guide to Returning to School – Autumn Term 2020

FAQs – Returning to School – Autumn Term 2020

End of Term Newsletter 15th July (See below for relevant attachments)

School Gateway App – Guide for Parents

Right Track Poster

Term Dates 2020-2021

Year 6 Leavers Day 22nd July – Invitation Letter

Summer Reading Challenge 1st July

Summer 2 Newsletter 29th June

Free School Meals and Summer Holiday Voucher Scheme (Application form below)

Nottingham City Council FSM – application form

National Writing Day Challenge 24th June (Please see below for relevant attachments)

National Literacy Trust MDNF – Introduction (1 of 5)

National Literacy Trust MDNF – Instruction Guide (2 of 5)

My Dear New Friend – Blank Letter Paper (3 of 5)

247 Challenge – Parents’ Guide (4 of 5)

247 Challenge – A4 Template (5 of 5)

Thank you Letter to Parents 23rd June

Community and Family Learning – Free Support

Headteacher Letter 9th June (Please see below for relevant documents)

Parent FAQs. Covid19

First Aid Guide for Families – Summer 2020

NSPCC – Information for Parents

Return to School Quick Reference Guide

Guide to Coming Back to School. Summer 2020

Homework Update

Headteacher Update 2nd June

Headteacher Letter 29th May

Headteacher Update 28th May (Please see below for PDF document)

Return to School – PDF Quick Reference Guide

Headteacher Letter 18th May

Headteacher Update 13th May

Headteacher Letter 11th May

Book Cover Challenge

Summer 1 Newsletter (Please see below for relevant documents)

Summer 1 – Self Care Kit

Summer 1 – Anxiety Pack

Easter Update Newsletter

Easter Newsletter

Free School Meals – Parent & Carers FAQs

L.E.A.D. Academy Trust Information – COVID-19 Update 20th March 2020

Headteacher Coronavirus Update (1) 20th March

Headteacher Coronavirus Update (2) 19th March

Headteacher Coronavirus Update (1) 19th March

Headteacher Coronavirus Update 18th March

Headteacher Coronavirus Update 17th March

Headteacher Coronavirus Letter

Y4 LEAD Event Day

REC Stonebridge City Farm

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Headteacher Newsletter 26th February 2020

Headteacher Newsletter 14th February 2020


Attendance Leaflet

SNAG and Healthy Eating

Reading Rocketeers


Parent Governor

Appendix A – Governor Eligibility

Appendix B – Expression of Interest Parent Governor

Headteacher Newsletter – 24th January 2020

January 2020 NCMP Parent Letter

Parents and Carers Evening Spring 2020

Hand, Foot and Mouth

Poet Letter

Gateway Launch December 2019

Christmas Party

EYRS Christmas Performance

KS2 Carol Concert

PTA Christmas Fundraising

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October Half Term Newsletter

Chicken Pox

FLU Vaccinations

FLU Leaflet

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Headteacher Letter: FAQS

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