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My name is Mrs Smith and I look after all of the children in Saplings Class. It is always my pleasure to watch the children grow as they play and learn throughout their journey in the Nursery.

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Autumn One – Block Two

Autumn One – Block One


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Christmas Activities

Children in Need Day in Saplings Class

The children thoroughly enjoyed our non- uniform day in Saplings class. Well done! You all looked amazing!

How many Pudsey nears can you see?

Thank you for your donations.

Saplings Autumn Walk

Bird Seed Cakes

The children in Saplings class have been finding out about changes that happen during autumn and winter, learning that at this time of year some of our wild animals find it hard to find enough food to eat. We talked about what we could do to help.  We decided to make some food for the birds.

We used nuts, cereals, cheese and raisins and melted lard in our bird seed cake mix.

We mixed the ingredients really well using our spoons.

”You have to put fat in it ‘cos that gives them energy”.

“We giving them food ‘cos the ground hard”

“ When it’s done I’m putting mine in the tree in Mummy’s garden”.

We waited for the cakes to set then at the end of the week we took them home to put outside to help to feed the birds through the winter!