School Council

The School Council is a group of pupils who have been democratically elected by the pupils at The Glapton Academy. The School Council consists of 10 members from KS1 and KS2. Assisted by Mrs Warman, they voice their opinions, considering the viewpoints of their peers and make decisions that will improve school life. This includes working as a team to increase awareness of making safe choices and fundraising to make a difference. 

The School Council aim to encourage pupils to have a ‘voice’ and share their ideas and opinions. They take pride in making sure decisions benefit the school and community and encourage their peers to have positive attitudes by demonstrating role model behaviour. 

The School Council have established a lunch tub parking system!

This helps us look after our lunchboxes, as there is a lunch tub for each class, lunch tub monitors who ensure lunch boxes arrive in the dinner hall and designated parking spaces for each class lunch tub. This has stopped lunchboxes from making journeys into other classes, which is great as the only journeys we want to be thinking about are learning journeys!

We have asked children to submit ideas for our next improvement project.