School Nutrition Action Group

We are the School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG). Our aim is to build nutrition skills amongst pupils and parents and our message to eat healthily is simple: low fat, low sugar and low salt.

We have been very busy over the years. In line with Glapton Academy’s healthy eating policy, we no longer provide the Key Stage 2 tuck shop. Instead, children in Key Stage 2 are now only eating fruit or vegetables at break times that they bring in from home. This has proved very popular and we have been very pleased with the support this has received.

In addition to this, we have created a list of healthy foods that may be brought in to eat in lunch boxes at lunch times.  Again, we have been really pleased to see the wide variety of healthy foods that are now being put into lunch boxes and would like to say a huge ‘Thank you!’ to everybody.

Best wishes,

Ruby, Cleo, Serenity-Leigh, Arisa, Learnna, Sienna, Rowin, Esmee and Miss Gibbons 

Block 3 recipe – Strawberry Smoothie!