Sports Organising Crew

Glapton Academy Sports Organising Crew

We have a group of democratically voted KS2 children who are dedicated to inspiring sport at Glapton. Their main role is to 

  1. Be a School Sports Ambassador
  2. Be a role-model to younger pupils by promoting the importance of being healthy and enjoying sport
  3. Organise and run playtime and lunchtime activities
  4. Plan and Co-Ordinate School Sports Days and events
  5. Be a voice for your peers
  6. Use a given budget to improve PE, Sport and Playtimes
  7. Update the School Website with news and photos

At Glapton we have a large number of children who show a great interest in sport. As both a competitive and inclusive sporting school our school ethos is to allow all children to have a say in how the schools clubs are selected (where possible) to ensure all interests are catered for.

It was decided that establishing the Schools Sports Organising Crew (SSOC) would mean that the children would be able to have their say in an official capacity and they would be the voice of all the children in our school.

It was decided that the selection of SSOC members should be done democratically using nominations, a voting system and ballot box count. The crew consists of children who show a natural ability for sport but also of members who show, for example, good organisational skills, strong team work, good communication skills or even just lots of enthusiasm.

Some Actions planned for after Lock-down.

1. Marketing & Promoting of school Clubs
In liaison with Mr Roulstone

2. Fact Finding
e.g. asking pupils what sports competitions would they like in school.

3. Notice Board
To create a School Games notice board to include a picture of themselves with a description of the SSOC, local club links, school clubs, competition results, school teams and the spirit of the games – Teamwork, Self Belief, Honesty, Respect, Passion and Determination.

4. Blogging
Promoting sport by writing about their school sport experiences and match reports. Even those pupils who are less active can write about something they have watched or create a school sport news report where they interview participants for the website and newsletters.

5. Organising a competition

This is probably the most important task, as it’s where the team can be deployed to help with an event. What do the pupils need to be able to organise a competition?

  • Date and time.
  • Which sport (use the fact finding skills to find out)?
  • Where will it take place?
  • Do they have enough equipment?
  • How many teams?
  • Advertise it on the School Games Board.
  • Who will umpire?
  • Make an order of play.
  • Make a results sheet.
  • Is the reporter available to take photos and write a report?

They will start initially with a simple playground challenge such as keepy-uppy with a winner announced at the end of each week. This should see an increase in participation, especially targeting children that are disengaged with school sport. The key will be to keep it fun and develop it from there.

Mrs Hurst.

SSOC received many questions about clubs which highlighted that some children either had forgotten which clubs were taking place on the day or weren’t aware of all of our great sports

opportunities and news. Therefore, we have launched a Glapton Sports News board so that all of the children can keep up to date on the latest sports clubs, news, events and sports successes at our school.