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Below you can view the School Calendar for information on when The Glapton Academy is open, closed, and when there are teacher training days.

Key Dates to Remember for 2019/2020 Academic Year

Please note that all dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. staff changes, weather etc. 


  • 17th – Drop in session for Walnut and Larch classes. 9am-10am
  • 18th – KS1 and KS2 Parent/Carer Spelling information session, 2:45pm. KS2 Hall
  • 23rd/24th – Parent/Carer Evenings, from 3:30pm KS2 Hall


  • 2nd- KS1 and KS2 Parent/Carer Calculation information session, 2:45pm. KS2 Hall
  • 3rd – Elm Class Assembly, 2:45pm. KS2 Hall
  • 9th – KS1 Parent/Carer Phonics session. 2:45pm. KS2 Hall
  • 10th – Birch Class Assembly, 2:45pm. KS2 Hall 
  • 16th – Elm and Birch Parent/Carer SATs information session. 2:45pm
  • 18th – School closes for half term, 3:15pm


  • 4th – School re-opens
  • 5th – Whole school drop in session. Classes open 9am-10am
  • 7th – Hazel Class Assembly. 2:45pm. KS2 Hall
  • 11th/13th – Y6 Residential Trip
  • 15th – Children in Need
  • 21st – Alder Class Assembly. 2:45pm KS2 Hall


  • 5th – Christmas Fete
  • 10th – KS2 Christmas Concert, 6pm. KS2 Hall
  • 11th – KS1 Nativity, 2pm
  • 13th – EYFS Nativity, 2pm
  • 18th – Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day
  • 19th – Christmas Parties
  • 20th – School closes for Christmas Holidays. 3:15pm


  • 7th – School re-opens
  • 23rd – Rowan Class Assembly. 2:45pm KS2 Hall
  • 27th/28th – Parent/Carer Evenings from 3:30pm KS2 Hall


  • 6th – Sycamore Class Assembly. 2:45pm KS2 Hall
  • 14th School closes for half term, 3:15pm
  • 24th – School re-opens
  • 27th – Oak Class Assembly, 2:45pm KS2 Hall


  • 19th Chestnut Class Assembly. 2:45pm KS2 Hall
  • 27th Red Nose Day 


  • 2nd School closes for Easter Holidays. 3:15pm
  • 20th – School re-opens
  • 30th – Beech Class Assembly. 2:45pm KS2 Hall


  • 1st – KS1 SATs Commence
  • 8th – Bank Holiday VE Day
  • 11th – Y6 SATs WEEK – Birch and Elm Class
  • 21st- Juniper Class Assembly. 2:45pm KS2 Hall
  • 21st – Y6 Leavers Photographs


  • 1st – Swimming lessons start for all Y3, Y4 and Y6 non-swimmers
  • 3rd – New EYFS Parent/Carer information session
  • 18th – Willow Class Assembly 2:45pm KS2 Hall
  • 19th – Sports Day KS2 AM and KS1 PM
  • 25th – Larch and Walnut class assembly. 2:45pm
  • 30th – Whole School drop-in session, 9am-10am


  • 2nd/3rd – Y7 Transition (TBC)
  • 9th – Summer BBQ
  • 22nd – Y6 Leavers Assembly, Birch and Elm Class 2pm
  • 24th- Finish for Summer Holidays, 3:15pm