Home School Happiness

At Glapton Academy, we value taking pride in our work. Since the world has changed for a little while, we need to celebrate our home school victories whenever possible. Home school happiness photos can involve anything from drawing a colourful picture to solving a complex reasoning question. Check out our memories of happiness, inspiration, friendship, discovery and success below!

Week 4 of Home School Happiness

Logan’s book cover challenge!

Darina’s book cover challenge!

We had such a laugh doing this, thank you!

Haydn and Carter (Hazel and Sycamore)

Lily’s book cover challenge!

Abby’s book cover challenge!

Dear Miss Watts
Hope you are  ok . Here’s a  picture of  my  great fire of  London  project. 
My Mum let me send this email to you as part of the computing homework.

Week 3 of Home School Happiness

Maddison’s lovely letter to a member of the community.

Jacob’s lovely letter to a member of the community.

Harrison is very proud of his number board. He read the numbers out to his Mum and got them all correct!

Anastasia (Year 6) has drawn this picture to celebrate VE Day this year!

Darina has completed lots of projects during home learning, including this fantastic Nightingale lamp!

Freddie and his magic bean stalk that Miss Allmark was very excited about.

Isabelle from Chestnut class has been busy baking different things, using scales to measure ingredients, reading and following recipes.

JAck has been learning to cook meals and desserts all by himself (supervised of course!). He has also loved reading ‘The Beast of Buckingham Palace’ by David Walliams and Mr Men to his baby sister on Pyjama day!

Have you heard about the Great British Campout for the NHS?

Joseph Smith and his family have camped out every Saturday evening since lockdown began.  Please find attached a poster which Joseph designed and one of him and his Dad relaxing outside the caravan.

I last saw that this group of amazing campers have raised over £160,000 for the NHS charities. 

We’re looking forward to the special VE Day Campout this coming weekend – we’ll be paying our virtual campsite fees and hopefully getting the BBQ ready.

Joshua from Willow class has been trying really hard with his writing and did a story all by himself!

Lola getting help from her big sister with her maths!

Nayma with a lovely drawing.

Romeo’s letter he has written for the Wainmans Trust.

Taylor – Beech Cody – Walnut have been both taking part in home activities allowing them to get their hands messy 🙂 learning and improving their creative skills and mental images. These are a few they have covered:
How glow sticks work, creating 3D structures by using home items….spaghetti and marshmallows , Elmer style elephant using Milk carton and coloured tissue paper and hand Salt Dough Memories.

Tom did the table and chair all by his self using a glue gun, bbq sticks and old long matches. He measured everything before securing with hot glue gun. He enjoyed every bit.

Week 2 of Home School Happiness

Hello from Lily and Abby, hope you are you ok?

Over the past month or so we have been extremely busy, as well as our normal daily school work with have been busy doing all sorts of different things. Here are just a few photos of what we have been up to. Abby made a rain shaker as part of her jungle theme homework and Lily made the London bridge as part of her monument homework. Both Lily and Abby have created their own herb garden. They have been brightening up the close by sending the neighbours some colourful rainbow pictures. You can now see their pictures in most of the houses on our close. They have also been baking for the keyworkers that live on our close. They have sent rainbows to family and friends across the country as well. They have sent 45 rainbows including the big handprint one to the City hospital, as well as making rainbow pictures to put in our windows. . Hope you are all well and keeping as safe as you can.

Take Care and hopefully we shall see you very soon.

Mrs Hurst and all the Glapton staff would like to thank Abby and Lily for the lovely message received in the post. It was really appreciated by all. Mrs Hurst has stuck it on her door for all to see.

Darina’s rainbow outside of the school.

Jamie from Alder class.

Sienna from Willow class has wrote her letter and drew her picture for the Wainman Trust.

Thank you rainbows from Leo and Isla.

Jack from Juniper Class going to put his NHS rainbow on the school fence.

Charlie from Sycamore reading a Beast Quest book!

Ruby from Walnut class has completed her words and read her favourite book which she reads every night and can even read some words for herself!

Austin-John has tried really hard with his writing and managed to finish all his work set for the day.

Lucas has made a bird house for his garden and he loved using the real tools.

Taylor from Beech class has proudly put together a ship inspired by Christopher Columbus. He has worked very hard on this and we are sure that Miss Gibbons will be proud!

Kiera from Alder has sent in a picture of a cake she has made labelled for Mrs Quigg!

Week 1 of Home School Happiness

Harry – Juniper and Ivy – Larch have been making all sorts! They went on a walk and collected rocks to paint for other people to find.

They also had a fun day doing science experiments in the sunshine. Mr Payne will be very proud of your scientific adventures!

Madison and Jacob have made rainbow pictures from tissue paper. Great use of colours!

Abu-Bakr and Khadijah painted an enormous rainbow to display in their living room window to show support for ALL key workers. Amazing display of gratitude!

Sophie and Jake have both absolutely ‘smashing’ their own personal records on TT Rockstars! They have been busy with reading, maths worksheets and more! Wow, home school in this household is top class. Well done!

Sophie and Jake have also handwritten and typed up their own stories. They miss the teachers very much and hope to see them all soon. We can’t wait to see you all and read your fantastic stories!

Joseph from Chestnut has been researching the density of liquids in his own back garden. Now Mr Phillips also wants to do this in his back garden…